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Adrian’s Carpets History

In 1963 Mr Wynder and family, came to California.

He was an Apprenticed trained builder, Old world style, after leaving school, for as long as some, Master Degree’s and or, maybe, Phd’s are in the modern day. 

That amounts, to a builder with a wealth of Knowledge.

His Father was the inspector for all Railway lines(called a Bricky) and Bridges in Kent and East Sussex, United Kingdom, until his retirement in 1964.  Upon retirement, they hired 6 College educated persons to take his Job.

His Grandfather was a Chemist/Doctor (Hemel Hempstead) with tonics accepted by royal decree. The Late 1800’s also saw relatives, leave the UK and become surveyors and county officials in Idaho and Montana.

Upon arrival in the USA, as an immigrant it was not easy, but his quality and expertise was eventually taken a hold of.  Contracts for FHA and VA housing were gained and through Loomis Properties, grew into a quality service and when asked by management if flooring would also be considered ….in 1972 Adrian’s Carpets was launched and all three of his son’s were trained to continue in the TRADES that they all attained through ethical insight and practicality.

We as a Family have been in business sometime now, and have survived ups and downs of the economy and are concerned about other families that want, work performed in their homes that is, AS AGREED, with realism and openness. 

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Why Adrian's Carpets

Adrian's Carpets, the family-owned flooring experts, has faithfully served thousands of satisfied homeowners, businesses and property managers with the best value in carpet, hardwood and laminate since 1972.

With a dedication to service excellence, Adrian's Carpets has eliminated the obstacles in flooring your home, business or rental property.

Adrian's Carpets uses nothing but top quality supplies.

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