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Carpet Styles and Colors

carpet styles

Pattern Cut Pile

Islands of high-cut pile contrast with lower loops to form an up-and-down sculptured pattern. It sets a contemporary, upscale tone - great for a family room or den.


The fiber loops are cut, then tightly twisted so the fibers appear to curl at the pile surface. This dense carpet, pronounced "free-zay", works well in high-traffic areas.

The fiber loops are densely packed and cut at one level to create a smooth, luxurious surface. This classical style sets a traditional tone appropriate for a formal dining room or living room.


Also known as Berber style. The fiber loops are all roughly the same height. This carpet often has flecks of additional color accenting the main hue. Loop carpet is sturdy, comfortable and great for family rooms and spill-prone areas.


The fiber loops are cut then slightly twisted but not curled as much as frieze. The textured surface helps mask footprints, so it's perfect for high traffic zones and casual areas. Versatility and practicality contribute to this carpet style's popularity.

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